Imagine the Possibilities: The Different Uses For Fitted Wardrobes

Any modern house, and even many older refitted ones, will normally have some sort of fitted wardrobe system in one or more bedrooms. After all, what’s the point in a standalone cupboard when a natural recess in the wall can house a built-in wardrobe system? Rather than simply using them as a dumping ground for clothes and any old bits and pieces, there are many more constructive uses and possibilities for custom fitted wardrobes.

Entertainment Centres

If all the clothes are tucked away nicely and there’s space available, why not use it to house the TV, the DVD player and the many available media boxes to go with it? A fitted cupboard setup will nearly always be able to accommodate a small “home cinema” in the comfort of the bedroom and it’s a great way to maintain the “natural” look of a bedroom by tucking away the flat screen TV, hiding unsightly cables, and ensuring a good night’s sleep by simply closing the door to the cupboard when done.