Shelving Ideas for a Bespoke Wardrobe

A bespoke fitted wardrobe allows you to pick the features you want to include in the final piece. When deciding what can best suit your bespoke wardrobe, consider various shelving styles that bring the best out of your custom piece. Your main goal in picking shelves is to have a wardrobe that offers you a storage space that is smart in every sense of the word.
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Choosing the Right Interior Design Features

For London homeowners, having fitted wardrobes installed is an ideal storage solution as well as a great way to make your living space neat and attractive, but choosing the style, materials and finishes that best suit your existing decor is only the start of the design process – the interior features will determine just how organised your room can be.
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How Fitted Wardrobes Can Organise an Awkward Loft

Adding a wardrobe in the loft can pose several challenges, particularly is maximising the available space. These challenges arise from the fact that many lofts are awkwardly shaped and may have slanting ceilings. Additionally, many people do not leave much space for lofts when designing their homes. For this reason, it can be quite difficult to find standalone furniture like wardrobes in these spaces. Fitted wardrobes come help in such situations.

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The Customisation Advantage you Get with Bespoke Wardrobes

Finding a wardrobe that is perfect for you may have been a challenge before but not anymore. People have different definitions when it comes to the perfect wardrobe. You may think that a good wardrobe should offer you enough hanging space because that is what you need. Or you may want a wardrobe that has large shoe space for all your footwear. Whatever you need from a wardrobe, you can now get it with bespoke wardrobes because you get to build it yourself online.
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Choose Mirror Sliding Doors for Fitted Wardrobes

There are two major style considerations to be made when choosing to have bespoke fitted wardrobes. One is what they will look like inside – hanging areas, cubby holes, shelves, drawers etc. The other is the doors.

Bespoke fitted wardrobe providers offer lots of choices when it comes to door styles, including mirrored sliding doors. Sliding doors in general have advantages over hinged doors and having them mirrored adds to those advantages:

  • Makes the room look bigger – mirrors have long been used in interior design to make spaces look bigger.
  • Easy access – a sliding door gives easy access to a wider area of the interior of the wardrobe than a series of hinged doors.
  • Optimum storage – the interior storage space of the wardrobe can be maxed out thanks to the lack of requirement of supports for hinged doors.
  • Maximise room space – fitted wardrobes with sliding (mirrored) doors do not impinge on room space because they don’t open into the room as hinged doors do. This means there is less restriction on placement of free-standing furniture.
  • Extra uses – having mirrored doors means there is no requirement for a full length dressing mirror elsewhere in the room. The mirrors can also be used for activities such as exercise, dance practice and yoga poses.

Plus there are various style options so mirrored doors can be made for all room and decor tastes.

Fitted Wardrobes: Practical Living in London

Every fashion-conscious woman who likes to maintain a variety of clothes for all seasons has, or dreams of, a walk-in wardrobe. What bliss: just stand in the middle, make one complete turn, and decide today’s look – that one glance is sufficient to showcase the entire wardrobe situation.  Continue reading

Fitted Wardrobes: Space-Saving for City Living

Modern Urban Life = Limited Storage
In big cities like London where space is prime factor, everybody constantly craves for an extra nook or square inch of space for extra storage. With new apartment units in new buildings—easily among the smallest in Europe—the nagging question is where to find a nook or a corner for storage. With adult children not likely to move out anytime soon, there is the constant challenge to look for extra space to prevent clutter. So what to do about storage to keep your place neat?
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