How to Pick a Suitable Spot for a Fitted Wardrobe

Whether you are a dress-only kind of lady or your wardrobe is all suits, nothing will stop you from having an ideal space for a fitted wardrobe. Before you start looking for fitted wardrobes, first pick out the spot where the piece is going to be installed.
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Customising the Space of Your Fitted Wardrobe

Does it take forever to dig through the pile of clothes just to find that sweater you wanted? Are your shoes all crammed together at the bottom of your wardrobe, getting all wrinkled? You don’t have to go through all this hassle. Continue reading

How A Bespoke Fitted Wardrobe Maximises Space

Space is often at a premium, especially if you’re living in the city–which is exactly why a bespoke fitted wardrobe can be the perfect thing to help you make the most of every inch of space you’ve got in your bedroom. Here’s a quick and simple guide to using your bespoke storage solutions as well as possible. Continue reading

How Fitted Wardrobes Can Organise an Awkward Loft

Adding a wardrobe in the loft can pose several challenges, particularly is maximising the available space. These challenges arise from the fact that many lofts are awkwardly shaped and may have slanting ceilings. Additionally, many people do not leave much space for lofts when designing their homes. For this reason, it can be quite difficult to find standalone furniture like wardrobes in these spaces. Fitted wardrobes come help in such situations.

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The Customisation Advantage you Get with Bespoke Wardrobes

Finding a wardrobe that is perfect for you may have been a challenge before but not anymore. People have different definitions when it comes to the perfect wardrobe. You may think that a good wardrobe should offer you enough hanging space because that is what you need. Or you may want a wardrobe that has large shoe space for all your footwear. Whatever you need from a wardrobe, you can now get it with bespoke wardrobes because you get to build it yourself online.
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Fitted Wardrobes: Practical Living in London

Every fashion-conscious woman who likes to maintain a variety of clothes for all seasons has, or dreams of, a walk-in wardrobe. What bliss: just stand in the middle, make one complete turn, and decide today’s look – that one glance is sufficient to showcase the entire wardrobe situation.  Continue reading

Renovating Interiors of a Period Home in London

Renovating period homes can be great fun – but also cause quite a few headaches. London’s Victorian and Edwardian builders simply didn’t design houses that accommodate modern tastes for large, freestanding wardrobes with plenty of storage.

Thankfully, specialist joiners and carpenters can help to make every nook and cranny under stairs, in alcoves and under bay windows count as useful storage space and provide bespoke fitted wardrobes that fulfil the required function AND look great in period homes.
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