How to Pick a Suitable Spot for a Fitted Wardrobe

Whether you are a dress-only kind of lady or your wardrobe is all suits, nothing will stop you from having an ideal space for a fitted wardrobe. Before you start looking for fitted wardrobes, first pick out the spot where the piece is going to be installed.


The location of a wardrobe in your home will impact a lot of your decisions. For one, it will tell you how much space is available. A corner spot in your bedroom may, for instance, provide less space than against one of the walls. It is understandable to squeeze a wardrobe piece in a corner when dealing with space constraints, luckily, a bespoke build takes that into consideration.


Appearance is another factor that will dictate where you place a fitted wardrobe. Just because someone else makes it look good on the far side of a room does not mean that the same spot will work in your case. Consider aspects like the natural lighting and the view of the wardrobe vis-a-vis other furniture in the bedroom. The point is to have symmetry between all the pieces.


Don’t forget about accessibility when picking the spot to place your fitted wardrobe. Contemplate this; will it be tiring to get your clothes from the wardrobe each day? If the answer is yes, then choose another location. If it is a children’s bedroom, make it easy for them to reach the essential items.


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