Shelving Ideas for a Bespoke Wardrobe

A bespoke fitted wardrobe allows you to pick the features you want to include in the final piece. When deciding what can best suit your bespoke wardrobe, consider various shelving styles that bring the best out of your custom piece. Your main goal in picking shelves is to have a wardrobe that offers you a storage space that is smart in every sense of the word.

Cubby Shelves

For a woman, cubby-style shelves are ideal for storing shoes and handbags. Shelves come in handy when you don’t have a rack large that is enough to accommodate all your shoes. The ones that you wear on rare occasions such as boots can go on the shelves.

Unique styles

Wire shelves are popular choices that also offer numerous customisation options, so you can consider them when looking at bespoke fitted wardrobes. Baskets are great ideas, especially for a child’s fitted wardrobe, because you can fit a lot of knick-knacks in them.


Pick a colour that will make it easy to see clothes, which will save time when dressing. Black and white are safe choices when you have a lot of coloured clothes, but brighter colours will liven up your wardrobe and maximise on natural light.

From adjustable to fixed to open shelves, there is a myriad of design options available that would turn your fitted wardrobe into the perfect space. Take the time to evaluate the shelf materials because they will dictate the durability and appearance of the structures.


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