Accessorizing Your New Custom Fitted Wardrobes

Enjoying your new fitted wardrobe is not just about having an improved space. The beauty of having a customized and fitted wardrobe is that you can have a say as to the kind of functionalities it will feature. Depending on how big the wardrobe is, you may need more than just a couple of lighting or additional shelves, for example.

Here are some nifty ideas that you can implement for your own custom wardrobe design.

Sliding Doors

It’s up to you if you want to give it the typical door opening or if you would go for a sliding door version. The latter obviously provides the added benefit of floor space as it will only need a rack and rollers to get the partition to open and close. You can also get the shutter type, which folds into sections so that you can easily control how wide open the wardrobe is.

Racks and Hangers

Take advantage of the fact that you are getting a custom fitted wardrobe. You know how much items you will put in it, and you more or less have an idea of how much more will you be adding to it in the near future. Determine how much shelves, racks or drawers you actually need—and for which items, specifically—versus how much hangers you would need.

You may have to work out something separately for your shoe rack, but it shouldn’t be anything that a custom design shouldn’t be able to fix.

Lighting and Mirrors

Make sure that your wardrobe is well-lit. You want to be able to find what you’re looking for instantly with the help of good lighting. Having them strategically placed ought to be to your benefit.


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