Choosing a Company for Custom Fitted Wardrobes

Fitted wardrobes are a big investment but with big benefits. Such an investment demands that you consider your options carefully to choose a provider who will deliver exactly to your requirements. One of the most important considerations is the materials that make up the wardrobes and also the supply and fit.

It is helpful to know where your wardrobes are made. If your company is an end-to end provider – one who manufactures their own wardrobes, delivers them and fits them – they have a greater investment in your project than a company who just supplies and fits, or just fits.

This type of inclusive provider has a number of benefits:

– The company controls your project from start to finish ensuring complete continuity. Everything is managed in-house and service is more customised and personal.

– Issues of quality or any problems with installation are more-easily managed, as are any changes and added work.

– Customer services are generally more focused on solving individual’s issues, being able to be more flexible than a sub-contractor.

– The installation process undertaken by an in-house team rather than sub-contracted out. The installation team has a direct and professional relationship with the manufacturing and design team and accordingly are more responsive and accountable.

– Any guarantee or warranty (which you must insist upon or go elsewhere) is also end-to-end, so should any issues arise, you’re only dealing with one company and not links in a chain.

It pays to take the time to check how your chosen provider works.


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