Transform a Child’s Room With Bespoke Wardrobe

Children’s rooms can often be on the small side, particularly if you live in London. It can be a real problem trying to find a home for all their clothing and bits and pieces. However, you can vastly increase the amount of storage space available and add a stylish feature to any room with a bespoke fitted wardrobe.

Why are bespoke fitted wardrobes suitable for children’s rooms?

Often, people feel that custom made furniture is something for the adults. However, that’s not quite true, and bespoke fitted wardrobes are ideal for children’s rooms for a number of reasons. As a parent, you know what their needs and abilities are, and you are involved in each phase when it comes to designing your bespoke fitted wardrobes. Maybe you would like to keep some things out of reach on higher shelves or in drawers, or perhaps you would like safe, sliding doors that can be easily managed by younger members of your family. You can choose exactly the features you want as well as the materials, colours and style you prefer.

Size matters

Bespoke fitted wardrobes are a great solution if space is limited. They can be built into alcoves or shaped to accommodate sloping ceilings or awkward corners. You can decide on how many shelves or how long hanging rails should be and how high. And, if your children are in their teens you might even consider having a television or music system built into your bespoke fitted wardrobe.


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