Customising the Space of Your Fitted Wardrobe

Does it take forever to dig through the pile of clothes just to find that sweater you wanted? Are your shoes all crammed together at the bottom of your wardrobe, getting all wrinkled? You don’t have to go through all this hassle.

Here are four smart ways to customise your fitted wardrobe to make your life much easier.

Install storage boxes

They are great for storing hats, scarves or out-of-season clothing. With the less commonly used items out of the way, you will get ready in the morning much faster!

Add shoe racks

If shoes are your weakness, you’ll suffer greatly if you don’t have enough room to store them properly and keep them in good condition. Installing a shoe rack in your fitted wardrobe is the perfect solution to save space, while keeping your footwear looking lovely.

How about a jewellery tray?

Sick of unpaired earrings and tangled necklaces? You can keep all your jewels well organised and within easy reach if you customise your wardrobe with a classy and practical jewellery tray.

Install lighting

So that your clothes and jewellery can’t hide in the dark, it would be a great idea to install wardrobe lighting. LED lights, for instance, don’t emit much heat, so they are perfect for this purpose.

Of course, there are numerous other ways you can customise your fitted wardrobe, so before deciding on the final design, make sure to carefully consider time and space saving features.


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