How A Bespoke Fitted Wardrobe Maximises Space

Space is often at a premium, especially if you’re living in the city–which is exactly why a bespoke fitted wardrobe can be the perfect thing to help you make the most of every inch of space you’ve got in your bedroom. Here’s a quick and simple guide to using your bespoke storage solutions as well as possible.

Remember that sliding doors are an amazing space saver

Narrow gaps along the side of your bed or next to the door don’t need to be wasted–ask your cabinet makers to make you a set of sliding doors that won’t take up extra room as they open. Having these doors mirrored can really open up a room, as well as saving space you’d otherwise have used for a full-length look at yourself.

Sliding doors are best on wide wardrobe sections, to help the tracks fit in; if you’d like to use narrower sections to fill up the space, you can combine sliding doors with hinged ones.

Make use of storage room that could otherwise get lost

One of the benefits of having your furniture custom made is that it can fit your space perfectly. Your new wardrobe can go all the way up to the ceiling, and by having some shelves added, you can use the space too high to reach without a stepladder to store guest bedding, Christmas decorations, out of season clothes and other things you don’t need access to very often. You can even keep a stepladder on the wardrobe’s floor for easy access!



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