Picking Suitable Doors for a Bespoke Wardrobe

You can do so much with a bespoke wardrobe to fit your specific requirements. When building a bespoke fitted wardrobe online, take into account the type of doors you will get. The doors of your wardrobe say a lot about your style and personality, while also affecting the aesthetics and functionality of the wardrobe.

Sliding or Hinged

Sliding doors have become a common choice for many people. The advantage of sliding doors is that they take up minimal space. If you have space constraints, then sliding doors are perfect. Hinged doors are also ideal and can be in different styles and materials.


The types of doors you select will determine how easy it will be to access your wardrobe. If you have a small bedroom, then sliding doors will do the trick. When picking hinged doors, consider how much space you will need to open them. If your wardrobe is going to have pull-out drawers, then get doors that will not obstruct their accessibility.


The overall design of the wardrobe will also determine the type of doors that will be ideal. Style versatility is why most people go for bespoke wardrobes. Choose doors that will complement the overall design of the piece.

Some of the wardrobe door choices you can pick from include mirrored, frameless, painted glass, and wood. Building a bespoke wardrobe comes with a lot of freedom and you should use it wisely.


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