How to Choose the Perfect Custom Fitted Wardrobe

As well as creating space and making things more organised, custom fitted wardrobes can completely transform the appearance of your bedroom. By choosing the style, colour and additional features carefully, you can make your dream bedroom a reality. Continue reading

Better Organisation with Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes

Do you know why bespoke fitted wardrobes have a certain elegance to them? They provide a unique experience that has not always been possible or affordable for most people. Bespoke wardrobes used to be for the selected few who hard money to splurge, but now you can even save money by building a bespoke wardrobe online. There are numerous services in London that you can use to get an ideal piece for your bedroom. One advantage that you can expect to get with fitted wardrobes is better organisation.

Space to Fit Your Needs
Finding the right wardrobe is all about a piece that can cater for all your needs. With free standing wardrobes, it is not always easy to achieve that.

Custom Fitted Wardrobes: Transform a Spare Room with American Styling

Americans wouldn’t think twice about turning a spare room into a walk-in closet, whereas Brits tend to think this is a luxury that they couldn’t possibly indulge in. But why shouldn’t people in the UK have the same luxuries as people from America? In fact, this could be a good way of using a small spare room that would otherwise be relegated to use as an office, when you probably don’t need one.

It will really pay-off in making it easy for you to access all your clothes and keeping them in great condition, rather than crammed into a wardrobe. Instead of dragging out-of-season clothing up to and down from the loft twice a year, you can keep it neatly stored in your walk-in closet.

Picking Suitable Doors for a Bespoke Wardrobe

You can do so much with a bespoke wardrobe to fit your specific requirements. When building a bespoke fitted wardrobe online, take into account the type of doors you will get. The doors of your wardrobe say a lot about your style and personality, while also affecting the aesthetics and functionality of the wardrobe. Continue reading