Choosing the Right Interior Design Features

For London homeowners, having fitted wardrobes installed is an ideal storage solution as well as a great way to make your living space neat and attractive, but choosing the style, materials and finishes that best suit your existing decor is only the start of the design process – the interior features will determine just how organised your room can be.

With so many options including drawers, shelves, racks and rails and a multitude of different combination ideas, it is easy to design the inside of your wardrobe to meet all of your storage needs. Having everything on display in an orderly fashion makes getting dressed a simple feat so sorting out exactly how to store your clothes is crucial.

The most important thing to remember is to keep clothes that are worn frequently at eye level in the most accessible part of your fitted wardrobe. Out of season attire can be stored on higher shelves or in drawers and shoes can be set out on racks so they can be seen easily. Add a couple of baskets to keep accessories arranged neatly.

If you have long dresses, opt for single rails. If you have lots of shirts and jackets, double up and have two rails, one above the other, to make use of every inch of space. Jumpers and trousers can be folded neatly and put on to shelves so you can find what you’re looking for with just a quick glance.


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