The Pros of Having a Bespoke Fitted Wardrobe Over a Shop Bought One

It is very easy to walk into a shop and order a wardrobe ‘off the shelf’, but is this really the best option? The following is a list of examples why it is better to choose a bespoke fitted wardrobe over a ready-made design.

1. Tailored to your space

Whether you have a large bedroom or a very small one, a bespoke fitted wardrobe will sit perfectly and compliment your room rather than overpower it. Alongside this, if your home is full of funky angles and different levelled ceilings, then this would cause and issue when buying a premade storage solution; choosing a bespoke fitted wardrobe will mean that the designer can build around the struts and drops and give you exactly what you want.

2. Tailored to your needs

It is important that your wardrobe works for you and by having a bespoke wardrobe fitted, it can cater for all of your needs for the rest of your life. During the design process you can add compartments for shoes, ties, bedding and your day to day wear to ensure that everything has a place.

3. One wardrobe, one lifetime

Choosing the perfect bespoke fitted wardrobe the first time around will prevent you from having to pay out for a new one every time your personal needs change. Spending time with the designers will ensure that you get exactly what you want and need the first time.


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