Storage for Shoes that Saves Space and Looks Great

We all have different clothing storage needs, but shoes present a problem for many of us. Shoes may not be bulky, but they have special storage requirements. They need to be kept in pairs, they need space so they don’t get squashed, and, ideally, they should be organised so you can tell at a glance what’s where.

A bespoke wardrobe can be designed around the items you want to keep in it, including shoes. The obvious place for shoes is the bottom of your wardrobe, in the space below hanging clothes. Here, you have a number of options. A rack displays your shoes for easy retrieval and allows air to circulate around them, keeping them dry. Racks can have several tiers, so you can stack your shoes as high as you need.

Storage boxes in cardboard, wood or plastic look attractive and keep your shoes free from dust. It can be hard to find the pair you want, so consider using clear plastic boxes, or labelling each box. Using a photo of your shoes as the label is a quirky and helpful way to get organised.

The back of a wardrobe door can also be a hanging space for shoes. Use racks to hang shoes with heels, and a holder with pockets for flat shoes like flip-flops.

Pick the right storage method for you, and you can save space, extend the life of your shoes, and present them in an attractive way.


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