Why a Fitted Wardrobe is a Space Saver

The worst thing about a small bedroom is lack of storage space. Cramming in extra furniture may provide the storage but it makes the room looked cramped. It’s certainly no fun not being able to open drawers and doors fully because of other furniture obstructions. The solution? Fitted wardrobes.

The big difference between fitted wardrobes and free standing furniture is that are bespoke fitments are custom-made to exactly fit the space. Where ready built wardrobes can’t get immediately up against the wall thanks to skirting boards, fitted wardrobes have no such problem and every inch counts in a small room. Fitted wardrobes can also be made to fit even the most awkward of spaces that store bought furniture can’t. And in terms of footprint, inch for inch, fitted wardrobes win out every time. Fitted wardrobes can also be made with sliding doors which again, is a space saver.

And the advantages don’t end there. Behind the doors, the interior is where fitted wardrobes really offer great storage solutions. The interior can be designed to offer all the options a homeowner needs. Whether the wardrobes are for an adult or kid’s room, the interior can be built with graduated rails and hanging spaces, fixed shelving, pull out shelves, tie, belt, scarf and shoe racks, drawers, compartmentalised drawers, sweater racks, wire baskets … there are so many options and combinations.

If you haven’t considered that fitted wardrobes were the answer to your small bedroom storage woes, perhaps it’s time to make an appointment with a design company to see what a difference bespoke wardrobes can make to your home.

Organising made easy with customised storage in your fitted wardrobes

Do we ever have enough wardrobe space? Storage is often hard to squeeze in, especially if you live in London, where flats seem to be getting smaller and smaller. The answer is to make the most of the space that you do have, and the best way to do that is to design storage that uses every inch of space to its best advantage.

Bespoke fitted wardrobes are better than a freestanding wardrobe, which will always have wasted space. When you design fitted wardrobes, you can customize them to your exact needs and requirements, thus ensuring that you have a place for all your clothing and accessories. Do you need more hanging space? Add a second rail. Do you have a lot of sweaters and t-shirts? Design plenty of shelving. Even a narrow space can be made useful with shelves. You can also build shelves of different depths.

Another useful idea is to install pull-out drawers. This allows convenient access to items at the back and avoids having to rummage through everything to find items at the back. Whether you choose wire or wicker baskets, you’ll be able to find what you need easily. Don’t forget to allocate space to store accessories neatly, so that you can see your scarves, belts and jewellery. And of course, shoe storage is a must – either shelves to store each pair individually, a shoe rack, or pull-out storage.