What to Consider When Buying Fitted Wardrobes

Providers of bespoke fitted wardrobes in the UK are able to meet practically every demand of homeowners, delivering storage solutions that match a vision. Fitted wardrobes should be stylish and aesthetically pleasing on the outside and highly functional on the inside.
When buying a free-standing wardrobe it is essential to find one you like that fits the space in which you want to put it. There are more things to consider when opting for bespoke fitted wardrobes.

Space Available

It is important to understand the limitations of the space for fitted wardrobes. Although solutions can be produced for practically any space, it is important that the solution works. For example, not every space is suitable for sliding doors, or hinged doors may limit the placement of other furniture in the room.


Although modern free-standing wardrobe units contain various interior features, there is so much more scope with fitted wardrobes. Fitments can be designed to incorporate a number of storage options including hanging spaces, drawers, wire baskets, cubby holes and shelves.


There are so many options for the doors of fitted wardrobes. There are hinged doors and sliding doors. They come in a wide variety of designs from classic to contemporary to exotic. And there is an even wider range of colours, with further options created by combining in colour blocking designs.

A wardrobe designer will take your basic ideas and turn them into a dream bespoke fitted wardrobe for a dream bedroom.


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