Three Things to Keep in Mind When Building Wardrobes

Storing your clothes is important if you don’t want them ruined. A large wardrobe is often the best solution. If you are planning on building a spacious wardrobe in your home or apartment in London, here are three essential considerations for your closet design.

Lighting. Your walk-in closet needs beautiful and functional lighting so you can easily find the clothes and accessories you have in mind. The proper lighting must pass industry safety standards and is environment-friendly and economical.


Ventilation. Without proper ventilation, moisture and odours from clothes and footwear accumulates within the room so you’ll want to expel stale air outside. If you consider having windows in your walk-in, make sure to keep sunlight off your clothing because it can easily fade colours and compromise fabric quality.


Space. Accurate measurement is important to determine your closet’s depth, width, door opening, number of shelving and other add-ons for maximum storage capacity. Precision is necessary for cutting the materials; an inch off can mean the difference between a wardrobe fitting perfectly in your walk-in, or one needing re-instalment or rework.


Unless you are quite adept in DIY, hiring a UK contractor who builds fitted wardrobes is more ideal. Because it is built directly in your walk-in, this custom set-up ensures every inch of space is maximised so you can have ample storage for your belongings. Fitted wardrobes are permanent, so it’s best to have them if you intend to stick around over the long-term.


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