Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes Solves Bedroom Storage Problems

Wardrobes are big things—and they need to be to store all of your clothes. The problems is that they can take up a lot of space in a small room. The answer to the above London living or storage problem is to shrewdly exploit unused bedroom space by installing wardrobes made-to-measure according to each individual bedroom. This sure-fire solution uses space usefully, and makes bedrooms appear more streamlined and even roomier!

Most fitted wardrobes cover an entire wall, making good use of the high space up to the ceiling. Some bedrooms, usually in older houses, are not too geometric and sometimes have odd shapes: sudden recesses, curvy bits, protruding angles, etc. The main advantage of a custom-made fitted wardrobe is that it really does use every inch of space, no matter how awkward or angled the space that it has to adapt to. Fitted wardrobes are installed by skilled joiners who know how to make the most of every improbable cranny inside the allotted space.

Every detail of bespoke fitted wardrobes is custom made according to the shape of the bedroom, the space available, and the wishes of the client. Nobody has the same exigencies when it comes to storage; whether you have numerous hats for Ascot, a sporty collection of tracksuits, or more frocks than a London débutante, your storage space needs are unique. You choose layout, colour, materials, and accessories; add your own ideas, your preferences, your design, and you create your unique personal wardrobe.


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