Fitted Wardrobes: Practical Living in London

Every fashion-conscious woman who likes to maintain a variety of clothes for all seasons has, or dreams of, a walk-in wardrobe. What bliss: just stand in the middle, make one complete turn, and decide today’s look – that one glance is sufficient to showcase the entire wardrobe situation. 

The above scenario belongs in American movies or television series where one often sees dream-like dwellings with everything built-in and so perfectly fitted that it seems the house walls were built around the already-in-place wardrobes, cupboards and storage closets.

Many people living in the old world (i.e. London) can only dream of walk-in wardrobes and mostly have to adjust much older accommodation. Fortunately, wardrobe solutions that come close to the American Built-in Dream are available and simpler than you think.

Fitted wardrobes

Dreaming aside, the practical problem is usually space and, even in some of the lovely big old houses in the London suburbs, bedroom space can be limited.

Victorian architecture seemed to favour vertical space (very high ceilings), but many Victorian-style rooms are not exactly roomy. In most cases, a fitted wardrobe that spans the whole of one wall can be aesthetically pleasing, blending harmoniously with the bedroom decor and cleverly making use of all that vertical space. A fitted wardrobe likewise does not protrude into the room, so it can be as decorative or discreet as you like. In addition, these bespoke wardrobes are fitted and mounted according to individual tastes and requirements.


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