Renovating Interiors of a Period Home in London

Renovating period homes can be great fun – but also cause quite a few headaches. London’s Victorian and Edwardian builders simply didn’t design houses that accommodate modern tastes for large, freestanding wardrobes with plenty of storage.

Thankfully, specialist joiners and carpenters can help to make every nook and cranny under stairs, in alcoves and under bay windows count as useful storage space and provide bespoke fitted wardrobes that fulfil the required function AND look great in period homes.

Where to Find Inspiration

Leafing through specialist magazines about period living should provide initial inspiration. Visiting a few authentic Landmark Trust or National Trust period homes should also clarify what an authentic Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian or Art Deco home should look like.

What to look for when choosing Specialist Joiners and Carpenters

Period homes can be renovated on a tight budget, but it does require a little ingenuity and a lot of research. If fitting bespoke wardrobes in a London-based period home is part of the overall renovation project, it’s best to choose specialist joiners and carpenters offering a large variety of styles, materials and designs from which to choose from.

Customers should be able to select a wooden door in the type of timber that will match existing wood furnishings in order to maintain an authentic feel of their period home. A specialist joiner and carpenter should also be able to advise on the most appropriate design form their available ranges.


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