Fitted Wardrobes: Practical Living in London

Every fashion-conscious woman who likes to maintain a variety of clothes for all seasons has, or dreams of, a walk-in wardrobe. What bliss: just stand in the middle, make one complete turn, and decide today’s look – that one glance is sufficient to showcase the entire wardrobe situation.  Continue reading


Renovating Interiors of a Period Home in London

Renovating period homes can be great fun – but also cause quite a few headaches. London’s Victorian and Edwardian builders simply didn’t design houses that accommodate modern tastes for large, freestanding wardrobes with plenty of storage.

Thankfully, specialist joiners and carpenters can help to make every nook and cranny under stairs, in alcoves and under bay windows count as useful storage space and provide bespoke fitted wardrobes that fulfil the required function AND look great in period homes.
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3 Reasons Why You Should Go for Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes This Time

Still deciding between free standing and bespoke fitted wardrobes for your brand new boudoir? True, it sounds easier to just buy that pretty wardrobe online, but you know you can do much more with a fitted wardrobe. If you want a ‘real’ closet this time, one that can serve far better in terms of elegance and functionality, and which you can use for long term, then a customised wardrobe is the way to go.

Seamless blend

While free standing wardrobes can have a wide range of designs that you can select to enhance or blend with the décor in your room, a fitted wardrobe can prove more functional in that your contractor can design it to exactly fit into spaces and blend with the room’s fixed colour scheme to create a sleeker and neater appearance.

Three Essentials in Building Fitted Wardrobes inside your Walk-ins

Who doesn’t love walk-in closets? With bigger space, walk-in closets make it easier to organise clothes. You wouldn’t have to rummage through piles of clothes because you can see everything you need in a glance. Your scarves, belts, purses, and shoes won’t look cluttered and your clothes would look ready to go with each one having its own space and hanger.

Given a more generous square footage, there’s more room to move around, and you can always add a centre island to sit on. A walk-in closet, indeed, can be every fashionable woman’s dream.

Why Fitted Wardrobes Are on the Rise

One of the most pronounced trends in 2015 is the presence of unique and bespoke furniture within a home. This tendency has similarly been observed in terms of fitted wardrobes. What makes these wardrobes so special and why are so many homeowners opting for these options, as opposed to their more generic counterparts? Continue reading