Bespoke Wardrobes that Grow with Your Family

Whether it’s empty suitcases, Christmas decorations or surprise birthday presents, we all know that wardrobes are for far more than just clothes. Children’s wardrobes in particular need to contain not only everyday outfits but more formal clothes along with toys, boxes of comics and secret treasures. The wardrobe is also a great hideaway for games of hide and seek or alone time with a good book. 

A bespoke fitted wardrobe, in a configuration that changes and grows along with your child, will maximise storage space without encroaching on play room. In the early years, it’s a handy place to store a folded up pushchair or a stack of nappies. Later, these will be replaced by toys, toys and more toys.

With a bespoke wardrobe, you can choose from a range of internal storage options. When children first start to dress themselves, open trays situated down low will help them find what they need without throwing everything out on to the floor. Hanging clothes rails can start low and be raised as the child grows. The side of a wardrobe is a good spot for a height chart, too.

Choose a neutral colour, so the wardrobe will fit in with children’s and teenagers’ changing tastes in decor. A laminate finish will wipe things clean in the event of crayon or felt tip incidents, while flat doors are ready for posters or artwork. A bespoke wardrobe will last your child from romper suits through school uniform to band T-shirts and beyond.


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