Fitted Wardrobes: Space-Saving for City Living

Modern Urban Life = Limited Storage
In big cities like London where space is prime factor, everybody constantly craves for an extra nook or square inch of space for extra storage. With new apartment units in new buildings—easily among the smallest in Europe—the nagging question is where to find a nook or a corner for storage. With adult children not likely to move out anytime soon, there is the constant challenge to look for extra space to prevent clutter. So what to do about storage to keep your place neat?

Fitted Wardrobe Benefits

The good thing about a fitted wardrobe is its efficient use of space: extending from the floor to the ceiling, precious inches of the furniture all work up to earn its place in the room. The wardrobe helps keep things cleared away. Shoe racks can also be placed inside it, making it work more efficiently for you. From toys to heels, and books to sports equipment, fitted wardrobes are more capacious, and therefore more able to store many of your stuff—the perfect solution to the constant problem of decluttering.

Bespoke Charms

Having your wardrobe fitted in your bedroom means that it’s legitimately a bespoke piece—it’s not mass-produced, and it definitely doesn’t come in a flat pack. Instead, it comes measured for your space and fitted to your exact requirements, as well as made from materials of your choice, in colours that you feel complement the colours of the room and major interior décor.


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