Bespoke Wardrobes that Grow with Your Family

Whether it’s empty suitcases, Christmas decorations or surprise birthday presents, we all know that wardrobes are for far more than just clothes. Children’s wardrobes in particular need to contain not only everyday outfits but more formal clothes along with toys, boxes of comics and secret treasures. The wardrobe is also a great hideaway for games of hide and seek or alone time with a good book.  Continue reading


Fitted Wardrobes: Space-Saving for City Living

Modern Urban Life = Limited Storage
In big cities like London where space is prime factor, everybody constantly craves for an extra nook or square inch of space for extra storage. With new apartment units in new buildings—easily among the smallest in Europe—the nagging question is where to find a nook or a corner for storage. With adult children not likely to move out anytime soon, there is the constant challenge to look for extra space to prevent clutter. So what to do about storage to keep your place neat?
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