Making the Most of your Space in London

A typical London household is smaller today than it has ever been, with many unit owners or tenants living alone, or sharing space with another. Single-family homes have shrunk, too. Many Victorian and pre-war houses have been divided into flats, while new builds are getting smaller every year. The rising cost of housing in the capital has compelled many to think small, to afford paying for a place to stay in London.

Small, isn’t entirely bad. There are creative ways to make the most of a small space. Rooms can do double duty. For instance, a home office can also be a spare bedroom, and the kitchen can be the eating area. Clever shelving solutions maximise cupboard space, with no wasted corner. Furniture items can double up, too. A sofa bed turns into a comfortable place for overnight guests, and a bookcase can also be a set of steps, or a seat. Underbed storage can keep spare bed linen, or next season’s clothes, out of the way.

A bespoke, fitted wardrobe is a big help when it comes to storage. Not only can it be made to fit the internal dimensions of a room exactly, with no wasted space, but it can also hold custom shelves, drawers, and clothes rails, to get clothes and other stuffs in place. With a wide range of colours and styles, a fitted wardrobe can be suitable for any type of home from an ultra-modern flat to a historic converted bungalow.


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